Sweden's cybersecurity landscape.
Meeting the growing threat with proactive measures.
Rising cyber threats in Sweden
In recent years, Sweden has experienced a significant uptick in cyber threats, including a surge in ransomware attacks and data breaches targeting businesses of all sizes.
Protecting Swedish enterprises
With cyber attacks on the rise, protecting sensitive data and digital assets has become a top priority for Swedish enterprises.
Stay ahead, stay secure
Aftra enables Swedish businesses to stay ahead of potential risks and maintain compliance with industry regulations.
Why you should consider Aftra for your business:
A clear overview of your security posture.
Aftra empowers businesses to gain comprehensive insights into their security posture, providing a clear overview of their cybersecurity landscape.
Advanced threat detection technology.
Aftra delivers advanced threat detection capabilities that enable organizations to identify and mitigate cyber threats proactively.
Scalable pricing.
Whether you're a startup, a mid-sized company, or a large enterprise, Aftra offers pricing plans tailored to fit the size and needs of your organization.
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Stay ahead, stay secure.
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