External Attack Surface Management Platform

Effortlessly assess and enhance your company's digital security.
Gain valuable insights, protect sensitive data, and strengthen your defenses with our automated scanning, monitoring, and continuous vulnerability detection.
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Aftra guides, you defend.
Aftra provides the insight; you steer the course. Stay ahead, stay secure.
Safeguarding more than finances.
Safeguard your reputation, trust, and assets. Aftra illuminates what needs protection.
Aftra strengthens your stand.
Aftra is your ally in the fight against cyber threats. Proactive, insightful, and empowering.
/ 100
1 point
Exposed secrets in your-org/your-repo
Critical risk
admin@unsafe.zone - Password compromised
Medium risk
unsave.zone - Suspicious domain
Medium risk

Proactive Security

Empowering you to protect yourself.
Aftra empowers you with insights and tools to secure your digital assets, so you can make informed decisions and bolster your defenses with confidence.

Enhanced visibility

A 360-Degree View of Your Digital Presence.
Aftra offers a comprehensive view of both internal and external digital assets, providing invaluable insights for making informed security decisions.
Domain and account enumeration
Aftra identifies both known and unknown domains and accounts associated with your organization.
Intelligent suggestions
Aftra actively suggests domains and accounts that may belong to your organization.
Employee & company digital footprints
Aftra reveals the services and accounts used by your company and identifies employee digital footprints on third-party platforms.
Performance insights
Get a real-time status report on your organization's digital security to monitor your progress and track key metrics.
And so much more
Aftra is your comprehensive digital security partner. Explore an array of tools, insights, and capabilities that equip you to protect, defend, and thrive in the digital landscape.

Protecting your bottom line

Don't pay the price of a breach.
Aftra saves you money by equipping you to safeguard your business against costly cyberattacks. Don't pay the price of a breach—invest in your digital security today.
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Your digital confidence starts here

Aftra's unified approach.
Aftra bridges the gap between technical intricacies, offering robust tools for IT professionals to delve deep into the digital landscape, while remaining digestible for managers and executives overseeing the ship.
Aftra makes the complex world of digital security a little simpler for everyone involved.
Built for IT
Built for executives
Aftra provides us with the necessary overview of all important vulnerabilities in one single location. This facilitates our workflow and eases the prioritization of security projects in the most optimal manner.
Róbert Einar Eyfeld Pétursson,
Security engineer at Vodafone

Take control

Aftra gives you the tools for security improvement.
Office 365
Amazon R53
Integration hub
Seamlessly connect Aftra with leading platforms.
Dashboard metrics
Gain quick insights into your digital security with the Aftra dashboard.
Performance reports
AI-driven reports offer a comprehensive overview of your digital security.
Stay ahead, stay secure.
Intelligent suggestions
Smart recommendations for domains and accounts.
Comprehensive scanning
Uncover vulnerabilities and potential risks.
Opportunities for Improvement
Aftra identifies actionable opportunities to enhance your cybersecurity strategy, presenting them in a prioritized list.
Subdomain scanning
API token management
Company & account footprints
System log

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